Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Your Goals


Goals are extremely important to everybody – they’re what allow you to continuously raise the bar in life, and get where you want to go. They allow you to work towards something and improve yourself, however, they also cause quite a bit of stress. It shouldn’t take inspirational female keynote speakers to tell you that you shouldn’t be stressing over your goals.


Stress is known to be detrimental to your health, causing several discomforting symptoms. The physical symptoms caused by stress are headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, upset stomach, and lack of sleep. There are also several mental symptoms caused by stress, such as anger, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, andrestlessness. Overall, stress causes much more harm to your body than good, and it’s never a good thing to be stressed.



If you frequently stress about your goals, you’ll end up wasting more time than if you aspired to reach them. Since stress causes fatigue and lack of motivation, it will be taking up a large portion of your time. With all of your energy focused on your stress, your goals are pushed even farther back.  This is detrimental to progressing towards your goals, and only adds to your stress.



If you’re going to strive for your goals, it’s important not to overthink. People like inspirational speakers didn’t get to where they are today by overthinking, they took risks and did what they thought was necessary. This is a huge part of achieving your goals, considering that overthinking can hinder an idea useless before it’s even performed. When it comes to achieving goals, doing without thinking is sometimes the most viable option.