What Can Healthcare Speakers Do for My Organization?

Health is a very important part of everyone’s life. It’s important that we take care of ourselves if we want to live long lives. If you are worried about the health of your organization’s members, company’s employees, or school’s students, you can turn to healthcare speakers. These speakers can do quite a bit for the people you care about the most.


Healthcare speakers come in various experience levels and from different industries within healthcare. Depending on the issues plaguing your loved ones, you will be able to choose the industry in which the speaker works. This includes bereavement, alcoholism, cancer, domestic violence, drug abuse, mental illness, eating disorders, health and nutrition and much more.


So, why is healthcare such an important issue? For starters, the healthier your people are, the more successful they will be. This will lead to the company being more successful. When people go through poor health they tend to miss work. It also leads to them seeing their medical bills pile up while they are not working. This can spiral into massive amounts of debt.


When your bring healthcare speakers into your organization they can tailor their speech to what is needed. They will also be able to help with topics related to mental and physical wellness so that everything is touched upon in the speech to your organization.


Once you determine what should be discussed by the speaker you can tell him or her to arrange their speech based on your organization’s needs. They might touch on exercising, healthy eating, the dangers of smoking, how to break bad habits and much more.


You want the health speaker you hire to empower your employees to make better choices regarding their lifestyle and overall health. You want the speaker to encourage the employees to take a more proactive approach to how they live their lives.

What Are Keynote Speakers and What Do They Do?

When it comes to keynote speakers, they can be used for numerous occasions and gatherings but they’re not to be confused with motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, business speakers, industry speakers, closing speakers, plenary speakers, breakout speakers, jugglers, ventriloquist, illusionist, or any other professionals that are often hired in the meetings industry.

When you hire a keynote speaker for your meeting or event, you’re looking for someone who can talk to your audience for about 45 minutes about a certain topic, and they typically charge a rate that’s based off of their demand as a speaker.

While all of the aforementioned examples could also be keynote speakers, most professional speakers or acts don’t usually fall under that category. A true keynote speaker should be able to take the gist of your meeting and highlight its major features to your audience in a short amount of time. In order to capture the essence of your meeting, a keynote speaker will usually spend a fair amount of time researching the particular industry, the issues at hand, and the type of audience attending.

Once a keynote speaker has done all of that, they will be able to put together a presentation that is unique to your meeting and usually consists of a distinctive moment that your audience is sure to remember.

Some keynote speakers like to use humor, while others use audience participation or even sing. Regardless of their approach, the job of a keynote speaker is to deliver the overall message of your meeting into their presentation in a fun and memorable way.

So when it comes to choosing a keynote speaker for your next meeting or event, be sure to do your own research and find one that has experience and a trusted reputation. You might also want to look into whatever talents they might have that make their presentation fun and unique.

Check Out this List of Motivational Speakers

Truly great motivational speakers can capture the attention of a room full of people and inspire them to better themselves moving forward. A motivational speaker is typically someone who has overcome odds themselves and used the lessons they’ve learned to achieve great success.

Motivational speakers can be athletes, business executives, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, television stars, best-selling authors, or any other person with extraordinary stories and a strong message.

To give you some examples of some of the top individuals in this field, here’s a list of motivational speakers who are exceptional.

Dr. Todd Dewett – Positive Psychology Expert

Dr. Dewett is an inspiring authenticity speaker in leadership, sales, innovation, culture, and customer experiences. His message is: “Stop leading, stop selling, stop pretending. START CONNECTING.”

Mallory Brown – Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, World Adventure Traveler

Mallory inspires audiences with her "Work for the World" presentation developed from traveling through remote regions of the globe for humanitarian causes. She shares her bold approach to life and teaches others to take risks, think bigger, and live with purpose in her "Just Go" presentation.

Amelia Rose Earhart – Motivator, Youngest Woman to Fly Around the World in a Single Engine Plane

As an inspiring pilot who became one of the youngest woman to fly a single-engine plane around the world, Amelia shares with her audience how to define their "True North." As president of Fly With Amelia Foundation, she uses her experience running a aviation non-profit to identify with leadership, planning, goal setting and understanding a mission for success.

Barbara Corcoran – Top Shark Tank investor

As a speaker and a Shark Tank investor, Barbara imparts her front-lines experience and infectious energy to each person with whom she shares her knowledge. Her inspirational "rags to riches" story reveals how she built the most successful real estate brand in New York City.

4 Key Steps in Finding the Right Motivational Speaker for Hire

Are you looking to hire a motivational speaker for your next business event? Whether it’s a small in-house event or large corporate event, you want to select a motivational speaker who will encourage, engage, and educate your team. Motivational speakers are highly effective at getting a point across, inspiring individuals, and ensure audiences have a good time. You already know the advantages of hiring a motivational speaker, but how you do go about choosing the right one who will effectively get the message across and really have an impact on your employees? Below is a list of key steps to take in order to find the perfect motivational speaker for hire.

1. Define the Role of the Speaker
You should have a clear idea of the purpose or objective of hiring a motivational speaker. Is it to energize your staff so the company experiences continued growth? Is it for your employees to learn something new that will benefit the company as a whole? Is it to discuss new policy changes? Is it to learn effective communication skills? Is it to help your employees see things differently that will lead to the creation of new ideas? Determine the exact intention of the speaker so that they can mold their materials and effectively get the message across to your employees.

2. Learn About Speaker’s Experience
You want to hire a speaker whose capabilities align with your objectives. Find out their experience and expertise in public speaking. How much experience do they have? What other organizations hired them? Do they have any video clips of presentations that you can view? Do they have a website that provides information? Does the speaker have references?  These questions will help ensure that speaker is appropriate for your audience. Also, an experienced motivational speaker can offer a lot of insight and real-life experience. 

3. Find Out Why They’re Passionate
A passionate motivational speaker is an effective motivational speaker. A passionate motivational speaker will instantly command the attention of your employees. They will happily share their unique life stories or philosophies. They aren’t afraid to discuss their pitfalls or show their own passion for success and work. Their passion will intrigue your employees.

4. Determine if They Can Meet Your Company Needs
Before hiring a speaker, discuss the event and expectations in detail. Define the type of event, what you want to be covered at the event, the length of the speech, the outcome expected, and even the tone of the presentation. Make sure the speaker is well-aware of what’s needed and can execute it.

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Your Goals


Goals are extremely important to everybody – they’re what allow you to continuously raise the bar in life, and get where you want to go. They allow you to work towards something and improve yourself, however, they also cause quite a bit of stress. It shouldn’t take inspirational female keynote speakers to tell you that you shouldn’t be stressing over your goals.


Stress is known to be detrimental to your health, causing several discomforting symptoms. The physical symptoms caused by stress are headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, upset stomach, and lack of sleep. There are also several mental symptoms caused by stress, such as anger, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, andrestlessness. Overall, stress causes much more harm to your body than good, and it’s never a good thing to be stressed.



If you frequently stress about your goals, you’ll end up wasting more time than if you aspired to reach them. Since stress causes fatigue and lack of motivation, it will be taking up a large portion of your time. With all of your energy focused on your stress, your goals are pushed even farther back.  This is detrimental to progressing towards your goals, and only adds to your stress.



If you’re going to strive for your goals, it’s important not to overthink. People like inspirational speakers didn’t get to where they are today by overthinking, they took risks and did what they thought was necessary. This is a huge part of achieving your goals, considering that overthinking can hinder an idea useless before it’s even performed. When it comes to achieving goals, doing without thinking is sometimes the most viable option.



What an Inspirational Speaker Can Do For You

An inspirational public speaker is a person who speaks in front of an audience with the intention of drawing inspiration from the listeners - they know that with their words, you'll have the drive to achieve your goals. Since they're experts in their fields, they can provide real-life experiences that are comparable to yours - they were an average person once, too. These speeches are meant to cause people to realize their own personal talents, abilities, and self-worth, which will cause them to be more productive.

An inspirational public speaker is hired to increase the self-worth of people’s personal abilities in everyday life, and even in the workplace. What inspirational public speakers for hire do is they reflect on their past experiences and bring forth similar experiences and feelings that audience members may have had as well. This causes a great breakthrough of inspiration and causes them to be much more confident than before. Since these speakers have worked hard to achieve a certain goal for a large portion of their lives, they are able to be trusted, and you can believe everything that they’ve said. This kind of speech will cause you to work hard and achieve your goals over the course of your life.

Essentially, inspirational speakers are hired to help you realize that you can achieve your goals. They allow you to get inspired by their speech and experiences, and will eventually make you see that you’re worth even more than you think. With this newfound realization, you feel as if you can do almost anything because you can – you just needed some motivation to find your way.





















































What Does an Inspirational Speaker do for Your Company?

In order to understand what an inspirational speaker does, we first need to define what an inspirational speaker is: an inspirational speaker is someone who speaks (usually in front of audiences) with the intention of drawing inspiration from the recipients of the speech. They are usually experts in the fields that are being examined and are able to speak knowledgeably in said field. Usually, these speeches will cause workers to become more aware of their own personal talents and abilities, increasing productivity and work quality.

An inspirational speaker is usually hired to increase the self-worth of peoples’ abilities in the workplace, and in everyday life. Inspirational speakers are always reflecting on their own lives to bring forth similar experiences that audience members may have had before a great breakthrough of inspiration, causing them to value themselves more than before.

Since inspirational speakers have worked hard to achieve a certain goal for a large portion of their lives, they’re trustworthy, which makes everyone listening believe that they can do exactly what the speaker has done – work hard and achieve certain goals over the course of their lives.

In the context of companies using inspirational speakers, as mentioned before, they usually hire these speakers to increase the productivity of their employees and hope it will make them comfortable in their workplace. Companies will also hire inspirational speakers as a rewarding event for employees doing a great job, and hope it will put teams closer together. Essentially, inspirational speakers are used strategically within companies for many things, especially for the benefits of the employees. Employers hope that the speakers will give their workers a kickstart to inspiration in their personal lives as well as their work lives.